The Trusted Name in Private Equity in India

LICHFL Asset Management Company is the Private Equity vertical of the LIC Group, the largest investor in the Indian financial market.

We employ a unique combination of expertise, experience and a legendary investing ethos to identify, partner, nurture and create industry leaders in the housing and infrastructure sectors.

Our investors include almost all major Indian Banks and Insurance companies, as well as Corporate Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.

We strive to provide a visionary and reliable platform for our investors to participate in the Indian growth story, with a successful track record of surpassing investor expectations.

Creating Value for Investors

Uniquely poised to create value

Successful Track Record

Our maiden scheme LICHFL Urban Development Fund has successfully raised INR 5.29 billion against a target corpus of INR 5 billion.

Complete Cycle Experience

Our team has comprehensive experience in making investments, managing portfolio and successful divestments in a challenging market.

Unique Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is unique but time-tested for success.

Experienced and Cohesive Team

Key professionals with combined relevant experience of over 100 years, including past experience in managing a real estate fund.

Proven Culture and Values

As part of the renowned LIC Group we strive to imbibe the unique pioneering spirit, quality and reliability of the LIC brand.

LICHFL Housing & Infrastructure Fund (LHIF)

Invest in hard assets in priority sectors of the growing Indian economy through a wide range of financing structures.

Target size of INR 10 billion, including a green shoe option of INR 2.5 billion.

To achieve balanced returns by a threefold diversified investment strategy, across different categories, stages and prominent locations, with one or more established growth drivers.

Consumer-driven sectors that are primary beneficiaries of the growing Indian economy, with high demand-supply gap including: Affordable Housing, Physical Infrastructure for Healthcare Delivery, Education Assets and Industrial parks and Warehouses.

Partner of Choice for Promoters of Portfolio Companies

Comprehensive assistance at each stage of development

Critical Capital

Capital when most required, for Land Aggregation stage, Building Plan Approvals or initial Working Capital requirement.

Mentoring & Value Add

On-going mentoring of projects with creative strategic guidance from experts to create value add for our partners.

Alignment of Interest

The interest of the Developer and Fund are aligned and the first preference is towards the success of the project.

Customised Terms

Terms customised to the specific requirements of each project to maximise outcomes.